An hour with Beth .

[nggallery id=14] We interviewed Beth, an Irish woman who came to our school for an activity offered by her university.
Interviewer : What do you think about Bagheria ?
Beth : It’s bigger than I expected and the people are so lovely and friendly. The villas are beautiful and of course the beaches nearby are a dream.
Interviewer : When will you finish this activity ? And after what will you do ?
Beth : I will finish working on 18th of April and then I go to Malta for a holiday ! I leave for Dublin finally on May 2nd.
Interviewer : Why did you come to Bagheria ?
Beth : I was given two options by my university for my third year. I could go to Bologna for Erasmus or I could teach in a school. However, I could not choose the area. Sicily was a surprise !
Interviewer : How long are you here for ?
Beth : I arrived here in September , I went home for Christmas for two weeks and then stayed here until May. So overall, eight months !
Interviewer : Do you miss Dublin ?
Beth : Do I miss Dublin ? Only when I think about it or when my friends put photos on Facebook of parties and festivals in Dublin. Then I remind myself that they are jealous of me living here !
Interviewer : What do your parents think about this experience ?
Beth : My parents love to travel so they see this experience as a good excuse to visit Sicily and new places ! My family have come to Bagheria twice and will come again in a few weeks. They love it !
Interviewer : What university do you attend ?
Beth : My university is called National University of Ireland , Galway ( NUIG ) . You can study everything there , I study History , Italian and Children Studies. It is a public university but we still have to pay around € 3,000 every year !
Interviewer : What will you do after this experience ?
Beth : After this experience , I will work with Italian students in Dublin and will then return to university for my ultimate year.
Interviewer : What is the difference between Italians and Irish people ?
Beth : The main difference between Italians and Irish is that Italians pay a lot of more attention to their looks and their clothes etc. In Ireland, we are more casual and relaxed about fashion. I wish I was Italian because you all have brown eyes, brown skin and are beautiful !
After the hospitality of Beth, we thanked her and we wished her a good trip . We hope that she will return next year .
Giuseppe Buttafuoco, Chiara Mineo, Ileana Prizzi .

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